Member of the week/ month

Our member of the month award is sponsored by Euro Holistics who offer an hours free massage of their choice to the winner. Member of the month also receives the next 4 sessions free (from announcement of winner).

Member of the week receives the following weeks sessions free of charge.

May 2015

Week 1: Jim Conroy & Adam Ferguson
Week 2: Amanda Conroy
Week 3: Mark Kennedy
Week 4: Kieran Condon
Week 5: Charlie Conroy
Member of the month: Jim Conroy

June 2015
Week 1: Adam Pope
Week 2: David Green & Matt Brand
Week 3: Linda Johnson & Rob Corless
Week 4: Jessica Dixey

July 2015
Week 1: Alex Schofield
Week 2: Mark Kennedy
Week 3: Julie Rabbitt
Week 4: John Hurst
Member of the month: Julie Rabbitt

August 2015:
Week 1: Jim Conroy
Week 2: Steve Heighway
Week 3: Julie Walter
Week 4: Amanda Conroy & Adam Ferguson
Week 5: Diana Quintero
Member of the month: Claire Holland

September 2015:
Week 1: Claire Holland
Week 2: Vicki Baker
Week 3: Roxie Pettitt
Week 4: Dan Gosling

October 2015:
Week 1: Vicki Baker
Week 2: Mick Conroy
Week 3: David Green & Amy Dixey
Week 4: Mark Kennedy

November 2015:
Week 1: Amy Dixey
Week 2: Becky Dixey
Week 3: Charlie Conroy
Member of the month: Charlie Conroy

December 2015:
Week 1: Damian Croft
Week 2: Nick Pettitt
Week 3: Adam Ferguson
Week 4: Becky Dixey
Member of the month: Damian Croft

January 2016:
Week 3: Gary Shaw
Week 4: Amanda Conroy & Damian Croft

February 2016:
Week 2: Charlie Conroy
Week 3: Julie Walter

March 2016:
Week 2: Dan Gosling

April 2016:
Week 2: Caylum Young & Mick Conroy
Week 3: David Green & Adam Ferguson
Week 4: Kevin Lamb, Mick Conroy & Steve Cory
Member of the Month: Vicki Baker

May 2016:
Week 1: Lisa Cressford
Week 3: Richard Lloyd
Member of the Month: Steve Cory

June 2016:
Week 2: Steve Cory & Grant Nixon
Week 3: Liz Dabell
Member of the Month: Liz Dabell

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