Becky Dixey- 100 not out!

On 18th August 2014 Parklands Jog and Run member Becky Dixey achieved the landmark of 100 parkruns.

This is an impressive achievement by any runner but a couple of facts make Becky’s century even more incredible.

Firstly, she has completed all of her parkruns in Northampton, an event which only started on 5th May 2012 meaning that she has only missed 20 runs in the history of the event and spend the vast majority of those 20 weeks giving back by volunteering instead. The only other weeks she has missed she has been taking part in events elsewhere such as Rock Solid Race, the Sole Destroyer and Mud, Sweat and Beer obstacle course races.


Secondly, before attending the very first Northampton parkrun, along with her daughter Amy and friend Adam (also both PJR members) Becky had never ran a race or even ever completed the 5k distance all in one go.

“Although we were exhausted, I have been hooked ever since” recalls Becky. “I use to spend Saturday mornings lazing around, but now I can spend it with a good group of people who love doing the same thing as me.”

When asked what she likes most about parkrun Becky explains “It’s a well organised free event (which doesn’t happen often) that is just getting bigger and bigger, and the nicest thing is it’s run by volunteers, so people who just have a passion for running.”


Becky completed her first parkrun in a time of 34.19 and then got quicker the two weeks that followed before bringing her time down to 32.26 on week 15 then hit a stumbling block so joined up with Parklands Jog and Run to help her improve. She then chipped away at her PB getting very close to the allusive sub 32 minutes which she achieved on week 60.

A massive amount of effort at PJR sessions over the months that followed and at week 103 Becky reached her next milestone of a sub 31 minute clocking which she has further improved on to reach her current personal best of 30.19. It’s now only a matter of time until Becky’s time starts with the number ‘2’!

Next month (October 19th) Becky is taking on the Birmingham half marathon. Just shows what can be achieved off the back of getting yourself out on a Saturday morning to your local parkrun to complete the 3.1 mile course at your own pace, all free of charge.

Becky goes on to say “I have met some great people at parkrun and made some good friends, I hope it continues to grow because Saturday mornings wouldn’t be the same without it.”


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  1. Pete says:

    Great profile

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