PJR 4th Anniversary mile relay

Monday May 18th marked a very special day for Parklands Jog and Run. It was four years since our very first session. That landmark day there 8 beginners there not knowing what to expect but four years on I’m happy to say that over half are still a part of our ever expanding group.

We marked the occasion by running our now trademark mile but in a very different format. Our group leader Chris did his best to put together even teams of two in order to make a competitive yet fun relay race with all team members taking on a mile each with it being their choice as to weather they completed the full two laps that make up the distance consecutively or ran alternate laps.

All but one team went with the alternate lap option allowing them to have more rest bite between runs but it looked like a tactical masterstroke from the team of John Cornwall and Nick Pettitt as John completed his first lap with only Steve Heighway in front of him then took the lead and opened up a considerable gap as he carried on for another lap leaving all the others in his wake as they changed runners.

Steve’s partner Caroline Harper did remarkably well in protecting the strong position she’d took over from getting over half way round the lap before anyone other than John overtook her.

As John finished his work for the evening and passed over to Nick they had a big lead but we were still only half way in.

As the battle for the podium places heated up Nick’s lead didn’t seem to be shortening. As he completed his first lap and his team’s third he had a determined look on his face. He wasn’t giving this one up without a fight!

Then Raymond Varnsverry passed over to Adam Ferguson closely followed by Jessica Dixey tagging her running partner and Fiancé Kieran Condon. Not far behind Adam Pope laid chase after swapping over with Julie Walter neck and neck with Jim Conroy who was part of a husband and wife team along side Amanda Conroy.

Along the back straight Adam F and Kieran were battling it out as Adam P began to pull away from Jim.

As they came to the lap’s half way point Kieran made his move into second place then struck for gold on the long straight for home as Nick finally relinquished his lead. Those two held their positions to the finish line as the contest for bronze went on between the two Adams.

Pope was closing in and looking favourite to take the final podium place for his team but just as Ferguson looked beaten he found another gear and pulled away to take third spot. Jim had held his team’s place in fifth and not far behind was Marc Marshall bringing it home for is team.

Also a big well done to those who ran as individuals completing the mile course for the first time.

Full results:

1st- Kieran/ Jessica
2nd- Nick/ John C
3rd- Adam F/ Raymond
4th- Adam P/ Julie W
5th- Jim/ Amanda
6th- Katie/ Marc
7th- Mick/ Charlie C
8th- Mark/ Charlie W
9th- Charlotte/ Gary
10th- Steve H/ Caroline
11th- Steve C/ Roxie
12th- Julie R/ David W
13th- Becky D/ Stephen
14th- Diana/ Christina
15th- Helen/ Jon A


About Chris Lamb Racing Diary

I am an endurance based athlete participating in events from 800m on the track to ultra trail marathons & obstacle course races. I like to test my strengths over the widest range of events possible at the highest level I can. You can follow me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/chrislambpjr
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